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plantastically said:
Unfollow me please.


youll-regret-it-when-im-famous said:
Are you excited for Channing Tatum night??? (; <3

I just realized I had this. -_-


yes, i inded WAS rather excited;)

He’s sexy.

School starts in 2 and a half weeks.



And I’m still eating like an elephant:

So I haven’t lost weight like I should have.

But On the first day of school I’ll try to be like:

to everybody, But I’m sure everyone will just be like:

So I just might be forced to do this:

Ahhhh, isn’t school just awsome?


Perfect. Heheheh

Me watching the Olympics at age 8: Oh that's nice
Me watching the Olympics at age 12: Wow I hope we win
Me watching the Olympics at age 16: I'm going to fuck the entire swim team and no one can stop me

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